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SEMCON President

Conference Message

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the "Sudanese Emergency Physicians Association (SEPA)" and SEMCON's higher organizing committee, I am greatly honored to welcome you to our first international conference on emergency medicine.

Being our first international scientific rally, SEMCON is expected to focus on scientific topics pertaining to the conference's theme "Revolution of emergency care in Sudan", these include and aren't limited to; the burden of establishing emergency medicine in developing countries, leadership challenges in emergency departments and filling the interdepartmental gaps in those countries, updates in resuscitation and toxicology, and last but not least; training on emergency medicine.

We perceive the event as an important milestone, on the road of achieving and adopting the best practices in the field nationwide, bringing those as close as possible to outstanding international standards. Of course this is only possible through bringing together the world's most prominent pioneers and experts on the field, bearing in mind that their generous participation would not only establish solid scientific grounds for the event, but goes beyond that to adding a great inspirational value to the conference.

As we will definitely enjoy your presence among us, we also hope that you might be able to enjoy your visit to Sudan; the cradle of many great civilizations along the banks of the great River Nile, that even go back beyond the written history, leaving a legacy of distinct appreciable cultures and historic attractions. Looking forward to see you in Khartoum.

Dr. Omran A M Fadol Hakim
Chair, SEMCON 2019
President, Sudanese Emergency Physicians Association SEPA

General Information

Location and Date:
Khartoum, Sudan. From: 14/2/2019 - 16/2/2019

Organized By:
SEPA Sudan

Local Registrations

(Working In Sudan)

Specialists Early Registration (1/11/2018 – 31/12/2018) SDG 2,000
Specialists Late Registration (1/1/2019 – 16/2/2019) SDG 3,000
Others Early Resgistration (1/11/2018 – 31/12/2018) SDG 1,000
Others Late Registration (1/1/2019 – 16/2/2019) SDG 2,000

Payment Centers:
Sudanese Doctors Union (Sudanese Emergency Physician Association - SEPA office)
Bank account: 0270116941530001 (Bank of Khartoum - Obaied Khatem Branch)

International Registrations

(Working Abroad)

All Participants Early Registration (1/11/2018 – 31/12/2018) USD 100
All Participants Late Registration (1/1/2019 – 16/2/2019) USD 100

Payment Centers:
Bank account: 0270516941530002 (Bank of Khartoum - Obaied Khatem Branch)
payment is within 5 working days of online registration or a new one will be required for early registrations.
payment is within 3 working days of online registration or a new one will be required for late registrations.

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